Dec 27, 2021

The Truth about Gluten

It’s easy to blame gluten for all of our problems- but is gluten really the culprit?

Gluten is the name of a protein found in most grains like wheat, rye and yeast. And has been the villain in the nutrition world for as long as I can remember.

But, what if there are a variety of factors that play a role into Gluten’s villainous role?

Here’s what we know:

  1. In the West, grains are produced with harsh herbicides like glyphosate. Glyphosate kills many of the good bacteria’s in our gut, and especially those that help us digest gluten. Research links glyphosate as an integral part of the gluten-intolerance conundrum.

  2. Breads found in grocery stores are made with cheaper and faster ingredients. Most commercially sold breads use processed grains (where a lot of the outer shell is removed, where most of the vitamins and minerals are stored) and commercial yeast that causes the bread to rise lightning fast. This quick rising yeast was made in a lab in the 80’s and plays a role in the lack of nutrients found in today’s bread.

  3. It’s no longer just grains and natural yeast, commercially available breads are packed with processed vegetable oils, hidden sugars and additives. A lot of which are actually banned in Europe but still available to used in the West. Many of these additives are known to disrupt the many beneficial microbes in our gut and are known carcinogens. Be weary!

The harsh reality is that quality foods are harder and harder to find- but it’s not impossible. And while most breads and baked goods available in grocery stores are a no-no, artisanal and local breads are less likely to cause harm.

So if the question is dough or dough not- I say seek local and quality bread makers who are using traditional methods and steering clear of synthetic products and heavy additives.